Summer thoughts

I’m not sure how I should say it but I’m gonna say it my way anyway, so here it goes. I’m always grateful to whatever comes my way. like.when it comes to work and life achievement, something along those lines. I’m  grateful and thankful for everything that I’m getting but I can never say it … More Summer thoughts

The heat is killing me at home while the virus is waiting to infect me outside

I have been stuck at home for two and half months. Being stuck at home would not have been so bad if the weather os not as hot as it has been. But then again, going outside of the house can potentially make you a virus carrier that could kill you or infect the people … More The heat is killing me at home while the virus is waiting to infect me outside

The Ncov Pandemic

Recent events have made everyone worry about their health and the health of their family. I think this trying times have proven that everyone is affected, regardless of their social and economic status. The flu like symptoms are common but the virus attacks your immune system until your organs fails Since December of 2019 this … More The Ncov Pandemic

Unexpeted Gift

So here I was, minding my own business and not expecting anything from anyone and suddenly I saw the gifts. Thanks to everyone who gave me something I’ll just keep this short. I appreciate you so therefor I appreciate the gift you gave me

New Device

I just bought a second hand 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Now I can blog using my iPad Pro. I bought a cheap keyboard and also bought a pencil, I’m not sure if I’m going to use the pencil but at least I have an option just in case I want to use it.