Just an update

It’s been a while since I posted something. So we had our team leaders outing this month.

That was fun. I actually wanted to talk to the woman I love and hangout more but I didn’t have a chance.

Anyway, I’ll be in hk this month and hopefully I have something to say so see you again in a couple of weeks

Rest day

Today is my rest day but I decided to stay at home and watch Netflix or play video games instead of going out.

I find it difficult to interact with people sometimes. I since I was a kid that I was not the most social person in the world.

I actually thought I am passed that by now but it turns out I’m still the same.

For me, interacting with people and socializing with them takes a lot out of me. I feel so drained emotionally whenever I socialize with people.

To be honest, people scares me most of the time.

I don’t know why I am like this. I have no idea why I feel this way but it’s something that I’ve had since I was a kid.

Sometimes I envy people who likes to party a lot and actually have fun.

The only crowded places that I went to when I was younger was concerts. And the only reason I was able to go to concerts because in that kind of event, you drown yourself to the music. You ignore everyone else and it’s just you and the music that you’re listening to, in an open space.

I think the people I know personally would be surprised if they read this post. But socializing really takes a lot of energy from me.

That’s why most of the time I am mentally and emotionally drained.

And I would rather go home and have some alone time to recharge myself instead of wasting more energy.

I know this might sound bad and people will disagree because they wouldn’t understand how people like me feels.

But you’re someone who feels the same way as I do. Please remember, you are not alone kid. There’s a lot of us out there.

I mean. I’m a manager and as a manager, I interact and socialize with people. Can you imagine how exhausting that is for me?

Anyway, if you’re a lost soul, let me know what you think but skating something in the comments section.

Goodbye 2018

2018 is about to be over. A few days from now, this year will end.
But what have we actually learned as human beings from 2018? Did we actually learn something? Do you think you’ve grown as a person? Or spiritually, emotionally or mentally?

Do you feel that you’re more mature now than you were a year ago?
Or do you think life is so much better now?
I guess for the optimist, there’s always hope and a brighter future. For the pessimist, it’s always negative, like, things are going down the drain. For the realist… I wanna know what they think or how they feel right now.
2018 is about to end but why do I feel like we’re still stuck in the same shit as we’ve always been.

I guess the pessimist in me feels like we’re all stuck in an endless loop of a nightmarish, psychotic tv show.

However, even though I feel that way, I still think it’s good to start a year on a positive note. You might be wondering what are those positive things..

I think being alive is one thing. A healthy family and friends.

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, please be thankful for having someone like them into your life, because not everyone is lucky to have someone like them in their life.

I think in a world like today, where the news is always depressing. You keep seeing wars, turmoil and whatever destruction is available on TV, print ad or radio. It’s good to always see things in a positive light.

I’m not asking you to be foolishly optimistic but be appreciative instead. Appreciate life. Appreciate the experience. The ups and downs. The good and the bad.

Because experience is a good teacher, so cherish your experience and treat it like a treasure.

BTW, I have no idea what my point was. I was just trying to right down my thoughts before I go to sleep.

So if you think this post is pointless, then you might be right.

FUCK YOU ANYWAY. Advance happy new year folks

Feeling Drained but you gotta be tough

My day hasn’t even started and yet I feel like my life is being sucked out of me and I feel so drained.

Waking up with the realization of having to face family problems/issues and then going to work and facing work issues/problems.

Have you ever noticed that life is a constant struggle?

Some folks said that I’m tough, that I can handle situations like these. But what they failed to realize is, it’s really difficult to face problems that are coming from every direction.

Sometimes, I feel like good is throwing everything at me until I break.

I just hope that all of this is worth it.

I’m not really into talking about my problems to other people, hence the reason to blog. But it would be nice if I have someone who I can talk to and just listen without judgment.

Starting a journal again

So I’ve been away for too long now.  Haven’t been writing anything lately. I guess I’ve been busy or lazy

A lot has happened since I’ve been away..

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I’m in love with someone?  Well I’m actually not inlove anymore because I can clearly say that I actually love her now.  I’m no longer in the process of loving her becuse I love her now,  hence the word no longer in love.

But that’another story..  I’ll tell you all about her some other time.

Thank goodness no on roads this shit.