Motorcycle or scooter?

I bought a motorcycle last year, around november and I have been asked why did I buy it? Why not a car? Well, to answer that question I have to go back when I was a kid.

I always wanted to ride a motorcycle. I have been using a bicycle when I was young and it felt great whenever I would ride around town with my friends.

And every time I see the old guys riding their motorcycle, they lookd so cool and macho looking.

Also, I bought a motorcycle because it’s practical. I know it’s not the safest vehicle but I will be extra careful, at least that’s what I told myself. Although there are times you feel the need for speed and tou suddenly find yourself speeding at 80 to 90 kmph, it feels great and scary at the same time cause your autmatic motorcycle is speeding up without you realizing it.

Anyway, the motorcycle or scooter I bought is the honda adv 160. I gotta say, if you are coming from a tmx or a bicycle, you’ll be surprised of it’s weight. It’s kinda hefty.

Asidenfrom the weight, the shocks are kinda stiff, you can feel the bumpy road. I was expecting it to be smooth because it’s an adventure bike. I guess I need to get rhat checked.

But other than that, I think it’s okay. You’ll eventually get used to the weight in no time.

This is not a review of the bike. I’m just writing some shit about what I like and don’t like.

Next step, I’ll save noney to buy a car or a bike eith a bigger cc. We’ll see.

Did I answer the question why I bought a motorcycle? If I didn’t then nevermind.

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