What it’s like living a world of social media?

Saddest thing that is happening today is, we all live in a social media world.
We live in a world where our focus is to be important or be relevant. We post things that are not real.

Majority of us would post pictures that depicts a great life. We put filters on our images to make us look good.

I guess that’s how we want to present our selves. We live a in fantasy world filled be luxurious items and awesome locations. We pretend that we live a wonderland.

But the sad reality of life, is we are lonely at times and we seek attention from strangers and maybe validation that we exists in this world.

We want to feel like we made a dent in the world and that we are not that useless or insignificant.

I don’t know where this post is leading to but this is just a random thought.

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