You know what I like about being Filipino. It’s the color of my skin. I have a dark skin and I like it. Some of my friends asked me if I ever wanted to change my skin color and I asked them why? They wanted to know if I ever wanted to have a light skin and again, I asked them why? I don’t see any advantage of having lighter skin.

I mean, I don’t get sunburned and I also read that people with darker skin has a low chance of having skin cancer. I am not sure if that is true but I saw from this website skin cancer in skin color.

The other thing that I liked about us Filipinos is our personality. We are so out going and always smiling and making jokes and being friends with everyone.

I guess that’s one of the reason why we got conquered so many times man. I mean, even before the Spaniards came, we’ve been conquered by India, China, Middle East, then came the Spain, then Americans, then Japan. I mean, who knows what happens next, right?

We were probably so curious back then that whenever we see a vessel coming to our shores we tried to check it out and try to talk to the weird white people and all.

Let’s not lose that personally. The curiosity, the fascination of the unknown.

I mean, I always here the crab mentality personality of Filipinos but that’s just one trait. We have so many other traits that are good and we should be proud about. We can’t always think of ourselves as lowly.

To every man, woman, young and old. If you have Filipino blood running through your veins, be proud of yourself.

We’re mother fucking pacific Islanders and there’s nothing else to do in a tropical country but to chill and go with the flow.

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