Feeling Lonely vs Being Alone

Is it just me or are there others like me who loves being alone? I mean, I’m the type of person who treasures his personal time (meaning my alone time).

I always look forward to ending work and go home and be by myself. It’s been like that for many years now.

Am I weird? Am I alone in this as well?

Like during the start of the pandemic last year. People were like going crazy because they couldn’t go out or because they could not see their family and friends.

They felt sad or depressed.

Am I a bad human being for not feeling like that? For not having that kind of emotional reaction?

I feel like I’m broken because I couldn’t understand why people are feeling that way.

Have I been alone for so long that I completely forgotten the feeling of loneliness?

I’m sorry for rambling. It bothers me that sometimes, I feel nothing. Sometimes, I’m so indifferent.

It worries me sometimes that I don’t feel some emotions that other human beings are feeling.

It feels like I came out of the factory as an incomplete product. I came out with missing parts. I feel like I’m broken and I don’t know how to fix myself.

Or if I can even be fixed.

This is probably why I am still single. I mean, I meet some people who are actually showing interest in me and I’m also interested in them but I just can’t sustain the same level of interest.

I lose focus and then get bored and then..

yeah… I guess I’m broken and can never be fixed.

These are just my thoughts. I’m sorry if I made you read something so useless.

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