The End Of 2020

2020 was the year where the world was on lock down. I mean it still is but 2020 was where it all began.

Many lives where lost when the pandemic started and death toll is still rising.

Several months have passed and we’re all still in the same situation. We are not sure how long this situation will last or if there’s a solution to this predicament anytime soon.

Although, 2020 was a year that everyone would rather forget, I think it has taught a lot of people of the importance of the freedom that we all took for granted.

Traveling has been a challenge for everyone, heck, even going to the market or store to buy stuff is a challenge.

Everyone has been affected by the situation, be it financially, emotionally, or psychologically.

Although it has been a tragedy after tragedy, because it’s not just the pandemic. We still have wars going on, accidental explosion, famine, typhoon, earthquakes.

People are still hopeful, we still celebrate the end of the previous year and the coming of the new year. We still try to act normal, try to act as if our current situation is not bothering us.

We pay respects to the loved ones that we lost and try to move on with our lives.

It’s amazing that in the era of the internet and advance technology, a pandemic is still a huge problem.

It makes you wonder for a moment, if this virus was not man made, is it mother nature telling us that we have gone out of control and it’s time to know our place.

We as a human race destroyed a lot of things and mined every mineral the planet can offer. We are over populated and our desire to want more is killing the planet.

I hope to God and I really hope for the sake of the entire human race that we have learned a lot from this ordeal.

I hope that in 2021, this pandemic is over and I hope that we make plans to prevent this type of thing from happening again.

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