Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

I think people should be made aware of this phenomenon because it’s probably affecting more people now that it has in the past.

This is not a new phenomenon and it has been studied in the past but because of social media sites, this psychological phenomenon has increased.

Everyone can experience FOMO, it doesn’t really matter what age, gender or social status.

People who are experiencing FOMO will always feel unsatisfied with their life because they would always think that they are missing out on someting.

They would always think that the people they know, whether friends or family members are experiencing something better than them.

And because of social media, this feeling has been amplified. It’s not just about experiencing the best things or having the best life.

Whenever you’re online, you would always think, oh they are happy because they are in this place or they have that thing or something else.

We feel envious of the people who post photos of good food, good place, good relationship.

We automatically think that their lives is better than ours and we subconsciously compare ourselves to the life of everyone else.

And for me, that’s just sad. We as a society forgot to appreciate what we have and instead started questioning and regretting what we don’t have instead of appreciating what we have right now.

I mean, dreaming of having something is not bad, what’s bad is if because you’re seeing the lifestyle of other people by what they are posting on social media. You started doubting yourself. You started questioning your self worth.

Instead of being thankful of what we have earned for ourselves, we started becoming envious and sometime resent the people who have it because you don’t have it.

In my opinion, if you’re someone who is constantly in need of validation or you’re the type who wants to be appreciated all the time. You need to log out of social media, stop using it or at least use it less.

I’m not in a position to give advice and whatever I wrote here is my personal opinion on this subject.

I think this subject needs to be part of a broader discussion and hopefully we can provide assistance to people who are experiencing this phenomenon because this could lead to stress or depression.

This phenomenon creates multiple mental or psychological issues to so many people and only few people are aware of this.

If you’re reading this. Please research about FOMO and talk to a friend about this or a professional who can help you.

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