Typhoon events

Last October, the Philippines was visited by Quinta, I think that was the end of October, that was big for me because our house in the province of Mindoro along with the house of my brothers and neighbors were damage. And before we could fix the damaged parts of our house, another typhoon hit.

Rolly came and made sure to continue the onslaught that Quinta did. A lot of people where affected by Rolly and I’m sure you know the what came next. Tonyo was the third typhoon that came but he was a silent one and he didn’t do much damage but the fourth one which is the most recent one.

Ulyseses, brought strong winds and so much destruction that whenever we see the damages on the news whether on TV or social media, it brings tears to so many people.

It breaks the hearts of every person who sees the destruction and damages to property and the lost of life, humans and non humans.

I keep seeing or hearing that we Filipinos are resilient. We adapt. We are strong. I get it, we are all of those but are we just going to accept all of these and just say it’s normal?

What are the local government units doing? What are their plans for a long term solution? People can’t always rebuild. It’s exhausting to always rebuild and just let it keep happening?

We’ve been visited by so many typhoons for as long as I can remember and I’ve always seen the flooding of houses and the damages of typhoons and we always hear someone died because this typhoon or that typhoon but it seems nothing is being done about it.

Local and national government agencies are doing anything about it. If they do, it seems not working. Why can’t we seek help from countries who have figured out a way to circumvent flooding. I think Japan has a solution to flooding and somehow their plans or their way of doing things is working.

It think if we could just implement a long term solution to the flooded areas, this would alleviate the problems of majority of the people. They won’t have to cry over a dead love one due to the natural calamity.

I just hope the people who runs their district or towns, can come up with a long term solution. A solution that would help the citizen of this country.

I just hope that after experiencing the damages brought by these natural calamities, we are able to come up with a good solution.

Anyway, these are my thoughts and whatever I wrote here is my opinion.

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