Just ranting about stuff

I don’t get it. People are blaming the government for something like covid.

I mean seriously, you don’t go to sleep and wake up one day and say, hey, we should prepare for a pandemic.

If you think about things thoroughly, this country was battling drugs, corruption, famine, poverty and all sorts of stuff.

I mean you guys are all asking for a perfect human being to lead this country which is fucking impossible.

I mean, have you tried leading a team in your fucking life?

If you haven’t even experienced leading a team, then forget about leading a country where the citizens are all knowing smart ass mother fuckers.

I’m sure the government gets it people. This could have been handled better.

But for the love of God all mighty. You mother fuckers need to follow the lockdown rules right now. Excuse my French.

Instead of complaining every fucking day all goddamn day.

We have a social responsibility to one another.

I have no idea how your parents raised you but you need to be more understanding instead of fucking complaining because you’re not helping with your fucked mindset of blaming things to everyone.

I strongly advise that we look at ourselves and and think of ways on how to help each other.

If you can’t think of anything, then I strongly recommend you stay at your fucking houses even If you don’t like it staying at home.

I mean, you’re lucky you have a house to live in, you sons of bitches.

This is a fucking long post and I really don’t fucking care if someone reads this shit.

I just wanted to say what’s on my mind and curse while I’m at it.

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