The power of failure

Whenever we face failure, why do we always feel despair? Is that a natural thing? If it’s a natural thing, why do we accept something like that?

Is it because most people were raised that way? Is that the fault of the parents? I personally think it’s our own fault if we feel despair whenever we fail. I think it’s not society’s fault or our community’s fault if we felt despair. It’s a mindset that we have.

failure should never be a bad thing unless it’s a life or death situation, a situation that if you fail, someone loses their life, then you’re screwed.

But even then, even if someone loses their life if you failed, that should still be a learning experience. I think doctor’s do that, it’s not ideal but it happens and because it happens more often, they learn from their failure and make everyone else successful.

Crap! I think I lost my train of thought.. I’m just gonna publish this shit and return later if I remember it.









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