I’m just here to rant and say random shit, so if you don’t like what you’re reading. Just get the fuck outta here.

Every person, every human being has their own version of what a leader should.  Everyone has an opinion on how a leader should act and how should a leader lead his people.

You know what I think about those people, people who have never lead anyone at all and yet they think they know or have an idea how leaders should be?

Those type of people are full of bull crap. They can all say whatever the hell they want but none of their shit matters. Unless you lead a group of people before. Unless you lead an organization before. Anything you say doesn’t matter.

If you haven’t experienced leading before… then you have no idea about the tremendous strain, stress, anxiety that a person who lead feels.

The amount of burden that they have to carry. The multiple scenarios that they have to play inside their head before arriving at a certain conclusion or making that final decision.

If you haven’t lead anyone or anything before, then you don’t know how someone who lead feels.

The mental fortitude needed to handle the amount of stress and criticism that a leader has to endure from people who complain a lot and appreciates nothing.

I’ve been handling this small account in this particular company. People are always thinking that they are better than me. I know I lack a lot of things and I know I need to improve my leadership skills. But every time I see a comment of feedback and they sound and appear like they’re better than me..

Please walk a mile in my shoes for a day.. Hopefully, you won’t go insane.







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