Filipino’s can you really speak your language?

I noticed that the Philippine media are kinda irresponsible with the words they are using. Some of them don’t know how to speak in filipino. Most people here in the Philippines are now speaking taglish or tagalog english i like to call them coniotic people, first of all I’m not an english major or something like that, i don’t think that you need to be an english major just to notice the way they speak is totally wrong..

On T.V. while i watch the news i also noticed that some newscasters and on the radio some broadcasters are also doing the same. I know that those people knows how to speak english very well but i also know that they are not speaking proper english.

I have nothing against the people who speaks taglish but i just wanted to tell everybody what i think about poeple who speaks like them, i mean u speak like that as well but i only do it to make fun of people that speaks like that frequently.

I think for other people if they speak like that it means they are on the upper class of the community.. i guess there’s a social thingy(hmm.. i wonder whats that thingy) attached to it.

I remember when i was a kid i used to watch Sesame Street if i wanted to learn the english language and then i would also watch Batibot if i wanted tolearn how to count or speak proper filipino.

nowadays people watch too much anime or cartoons and they don’t pay attention to educational shows (^^,).

hmm.. i dont know what to say anymore.. ohh.. well.. i guess i’ll just write again next time.

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