Experiencing two kinds of family

Who ever reads this might be wondering what the heck am i talking about, well let me tell you that i was able to experience two sets of families. One was my biological family and the other was with my uncle and my aunt.

I could say that my biological family was more of a typical poor family. I had a chance to live with my family back in the province and it really sucks, it sucked not because we were poor. I was ok with being poor as long as the family was together and we were helping each other out but unfortunately my father was not a help to all of us, all he did was drink alcohol and come home drunk, i never really understood the reason why he was always drinking actually as a kid i really thought that it was just normal for grown men to drink and get drunk since everyone in my father and mothers side always drink and i thought that it was just their way of having fun and enjoying the day, at least that’s what i think until dad comes home and then he screams a lot and complains a lot and hit’s the mom. I really don’t hate my father for being that way, i just hated what he has become when he’s drunk.

I was really afraid of my father when i was little probably because when he is drunk he would always noticed me and scolds me even when I’m not doing anything but as i grew older i realized that he can’t scold me anymore and he can’t hit me anymore. I wanted to do the same thing that he did to me when i was little but i really couldn’t maybe because i still have respect for him and i still owe him something since he’s still my father.

At that time my mom asked my aunt asked to keep me for a while since me and my father couldn’t get along well and he would just hit me when he is very drunk. SO when i was five i wen’t to my aunt’s house with my little sister and we stayed there, im glad my little sister was with me because i certainly didn’t want to leave her there and my father didn’t want to have a daughter because he said that daughters are just a burden to the family but i totally disagree with him.

my sister was adopted by my uncle and aunt since they didn’t have any kids at that time, they also asked me if i wanted to be adopted but i think my mom said their just going to let my sister and not me which is ok with me anyway.

My aunt used to be a helper for a US air force pilot. My uncle married my aunt after he got divorced from his ex wife. I’m really glad that my aunt was able to marry a nice guy like my uncle. My uncle also has an extra ordinary life story since he was a son of a coal miner in the US and he didn’t want to be poor forever so he went to the air force base in their town and joined the air force, since he was a smart guy the government offered him a scholarship and then they gave him a choice if he graduates he can choose to work for the air force or he can work for other companies(how come the Philippines doesn’t have that kind of offer?).

My aunts family is just like the family on 7th heaven they always say i love you and ask you how was school and i love it there but since i grew up with my biological family and it was not like that when i was with them, it was awkward since we never did that at home.

anyway I’ll just continue this at another time since I am at work right now.

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