Endless Love “Spring Waltz”

Episode 1 [1/3] [livevideo id=91E0231E858649CFAF79EF30B1A91A7E] Episode 1 [2/3] [livevideo id=559E9A14B67C422C98DC90500DF35C59] Episode 1 [3/3] [livevideo id=4511BA3BE00044B7AFE10975B86FEB5A] Episode 2 [1/3] [livevideo id=B77065AFDCA646E99873FACDE17B52BB] Episode 2 [2/3] [livevideo id=2DCD332F869C4C06B03A9C5C5E4D27E7] Episode 2 [3/3] [livevideo id=A4109F31A2BA4225AA6C1613C6C37D04] Episode 3 [1/2] [livevideo id=939AC19711204A20A5AED81435071986] Episode 3 [2/2] [livevideo id=AC18B9A078844027859779144C6BAD68] Episode 4 [1/3] [livevideo id=6F343089F4EE4BDCA3C57C9685B418DE] Episode 4 [2/3]] [livevideo id= B513D1CF295A471A9235668201859376] Episode 4 [3/3] [livevideo … More Endless Love “Spring Waltz”

Filipino’s can you really speak your language?

I noticed that the Philippine media are kinda irresponsible with the words they are using. Some of them don’t know how to speak in filipino. Most people here in the Philippines are now speaking taglish or tagalog english i like to call them coniotic people, first of all I’m not an english major or something … More Filipino’s can you really speak your language?