Wana Know What i hate?

you know what i hate? want me to tell you? It’s ok if you don’t want to know, i’ll still tell you.I hate it when someone sends you a message and not telling who they are..
I also hate it when someone says something and then they would leave you hanging and not finish the damn story. What is up with that?
I also hate it when someone post their numbers and their email adds on friendster or any other community site and when a random person sends them a message or tries adding them, they would get pissed and ask why did you send hem a msg and hey would ask who the hell are you? WTF!!!

How come ugly guys like me gets to be treated like dirt… no shit man.. im starting to think that only good lookin guys gets the good stuff in life.. im starting to hate good lookin girls..

I also hate it when people look at other people like they have a freaking deadly desease.. I hate it when men or oher people make bad remarks about other people.. that fuck!ng sucks man.. they say all this bad stuff about other people and yet they don’t even see their own faults.. i hate those kind of people.

I also hate people who pretend to be nice.. coz it’s disgusting when they pretend even tho you can see through them.

I hate it when the not so good looking people would act and pretend like their good lookin and then they would condescend other people.. that pisses the hell outta me.

I also hate it when the folks that i care about ask for help and then i can’t do anything for them.. that freakin sucks a lot man..

that’s all for now.. till next time kiddies

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