Be thankful for being alive each day.

I find it interesting that whenever there’s a huge event, people are always thankful for being alive. It’s like you only appreciate things if something big happens or a major event occurred.

We tend to appreciate the small things. The minute things that happen everyday. People tend to not appreciate the kindness that they experience from a random stranger or a friend or a family member..

People don’t appreciate when someone asks how you are doing or if they asks what’s happening in your life. In fact, some people tend to think of it as annoying which is kinda sad if the other person asking is truly worried or genuinely interested in knowing things about you.

We definitely take those things for granted and most of time, we think of it as a normal occurrence. People would think that it’s what we expect from the people we know or from family members so why make a big deal out of it?

It’s not about making a big deal out of a simple or normal occurrences. It’s about being appreciative of the normal things. Being thankful for what you have.

I think the reason why most people are unhappy with their lives is because they don’t know how to appreciate things.

I think the moment that we learn to truly appreciate the what he have and the events that we experience. Every second or minute that we spend with the people we love.

That’s the only time that we can be happy as individuals.

As for me, I don’t pray at night but I always say this every time I wake up in the morning.

“Thank you for another day”

Because I’m thankful for being alive. I appreciate waking up in the morning and being angry like I always am.

I am happy to be on this planet and breath the polluted air that we breath.

I’m not just thankful for a single moment that happened or a single event that occurred.

Every second is a blessing, good or bad. It doesn’t really matter, because I’m still thankful for the experience.

You might be thinking that I sound like a positive person. I’m telling you now, that I am not.

I have a grumpy face and I’m always angry. That’s way majority of the people would stay the hell away from me.

Only the brave would dare talk to me.

Human Connection

Howdy Folks.

We’ve been in lockdown since March 2020 and this whole situation about the pandemic is becoming a problem especially to people who are not used to being in isolation.

Anyway, speaking of isolation. There was a phase in my life that I didn’t want to be in a relationship.

For me, it started becoming a hassle to have a girlfriend. It was becoming a chore.

But now that I’m alnost 40, I’ve been trying to look for that connection. I mean, I feel like everyon has that connection except for me.

I want to have what every other person has. I want to have someone who I can tell stuff.

Someone who can make the exhausted me feel relief.

Someone who feels like home.

Someone who I can talk to and tell her what I feel and my plans and my feelings without being judged.

Oh boy, I’m rambling again.

Some kind of encouragement

Hey! how are you guys doing?

How’s you’re situation right now?

Some of you probably have someone who passed away this year. It could be friends, family, lovers or someone you just met a few days ago.

I’m thinking, you’re probably angry, sad, depressed, lonely or whatever random emotion you are feeling right now.
Keep it hangin brah

To those of you who are religious, keep praying. To those who are hopeful, keep hoping man. And to those optimistic people, stay positive.
I know things have been tough and challenging lately.I guess it differs from person to person, but we all agree that this is probably the toughest year that we have experienced so far in this century.

Summer thoughts

I’m not sure how I should say it but I’m gonna say it my way anyway, so here it goes.

I’m always grateful to whatever comes my way. like.when it comes to work and life achievement, something along those lines. I’m  grateful and thankful for everything that I’m getting but I can never say it out loud.

it comes out as awkward for me to actually say it, to speak the words. I always believed that if you are honest at your job, being true to yourself, and being good at what you do, the universe will unfold eveything and give you the reward that you deserve.

I’m not at the point of my life where I could say that this is where I want to be. I’m still a long way from that.

But somehow I feel that I’ll get there soon.

My thoughts trailed off again so I forgot what I’m supposed to write so I’ll end it here instead.

The heat is killing me at home while the virus is waiting to infect me outside

I have been stuck at home for two and half months. Being stuck at home would not have been so bad if the weather os not as hot as it has been.

But then again, going outside of the house can potentially make you a virus carrier that could kill you or infect the people around you. Pick your poision.

The intense heat can cause heat stroke or heart attack while the virus can cause breathing problems that would lead to death.

BTW, in case the virus didn’t kill you, your hospital bills will.

I got nothing much to say folks. It has been a weird year for the entire planet. I hope everyone is keeping themselves safe.

Thank God we still have the internet and it has been keeping ourselves busy. I’ve been wondering, what would we be doing if this happened without the internet or streaming.

Anyway, that is all for now. Keep safe everyone or whoever is reading this.

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30 plus days of quarantine

It has been more than a month since I got stuck at home. I can’t remember the exact number but I stopped counting after 30. I mean, I didn’t see the point of counting anymore.

Working from home made me stop counting.

I got nothing on my mind and I don’t even know why I’m writing this. I just want to know how everyone is doing and I hope you’re all keeping yourselves safe.

Don’t take any chance and do not underestimate this virus.

Now is not the time to be a smart ass.

If you’re one of those lost souls who happen to read this post. Let me know how you’re doing. Let’s have a healthy discussion.

Just ranting about stuff

I don’t get it. People are blaming the government for something like covid.

I mean seriously, you don’t go to sleep and wake up one day and say, hey, we should prepare for a pandemic.

If you think about things thoroughly, this country was battling drugs, corruption, famine, poverty and all sorts of stuff.

I mean you guys are all asking for a perfect human being to lead this country which is fucking impossible.

I mean, have you tried leading a team in your fucking life?

If you haven’t even experienced leading a team, then forget about leading a country where the citizens are all knowing smart ass mother fuckers.

I’m sure the government gets it people. This could have been handled better.

But for the love of God all mighty. You mother fuckers need to follow the lockdown rules right now. Excuse my French.

Instead of complaining every fucking day all goddamn day.

We have a social responsibility to one another.

I have no idea how your parents raised you but you need to be more understanding instead of fucking complaining because you’re not helping with your fucked mindset of blaming things to everyone.

I strongly advise that we look at ourselves and and think of ways on how to help each other.

If you can’t think of anything, then I strongly recommend you stay at your fucking houses even If you don’t like it staying at home.

I mean, you’re lucky you have a house to live in, you sons of bitches.

This is a fucking long post and I really don’t fucking care if someone reads this shit.

I just wanted to say what’s on my mind and curse while I’m at it.

Day 9 of my quarantine

Today is the day that I have been stuck at home for 9 days. I’m actually okay, I don’t have signs but people have been saying on the news lately that you’ll only know that you’re okay up until the 12th day.

I still have a long way to go but that’s okay, everyone else is stuck at home anyway.

I’m actually glad that the government has been taking this seriously and they decided to enforce the lock own policy before everything gets out of hand.

Some people doesn’t like being locked at home and they’ve been complaining about it but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The people in certain countries never took this virus seriously and now look what happened to them.

They’re underestimating this virus because as they claim, they are tough and they can withstand any virus.

That’s what an idiot would say.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well. I hope you’ve saved enough supplies to last you a long time because I don’t think the situation will die down anytime soon.

Not until people learn to follow instructions by keeping themselves or the people they know safe. Social distancing is the key. Staying inside your home is the kick.

The more of us (human beings) stay at home, the less the virus can infect people and it will eventually die down.

We could probably get rid of this virus in a month if only human beings would act like rational human beings instead of acting like fucking idiots.

We have a social responsibility and this is one of those times.

Let’s make sure to take care of each other and to do that, stay inside your damn house.

Avoid parties or large gatherings, if it’s not that important then do not attend it.

I saw in the news the other day, some bone headed person said, if we let the virus scare us, then we’re letting it win.

What a fucking retarded response that was.

Anyway, I should end this now because I’m just ranting now.

The Ncov Pandemic

Recent events have made everyone worry about their health and the health of their family.

I think this trying times have proven that everyone is affected, regardless of their social and economic status.

The flu like symptoms are common but the virus attacks your immune system until your organs fails

Since December of 2019 this virus have killed people and now we’re almost at the end of the 1st quarter of 2020 but there is still no news of a cure or vaccine for the said virus.

People have started panicking and a small percentage of the population is already hoarding items

Facemasks are in low supply and alcohol with 70% isopropyl are out of stock as well

Stores have limited the sale of alchol to two per persson

Let’s all hope that scientist who are working day and night to find a cure to end this disease will be able to help succeed before our population dies

What we can do in the mean time is always wash our hands. Sanitize our environment and make sure to avoid crowded places

God bless us all and stay save everyone

First month, day two of twenty twenty

Uneventful new year for me. Honestly, celebrating new year is not exciting anymore.

I’d rather celebrate being alive every day rather than the new year.

Anyways, did some changes and I think I’m of to a good start.

I’ll keep posting on a daily basis and make this my daily journal from now on. Hopefully I reme3tp post something.

I think posting something here would help me keep my sanity in check.

Unexpeted Gift

So here I was, minding my own business and not expecting anything from anyone and suddenly I saw the gifts.

Thanks to everyone who gave me something

I’ll just keep this short.

I appreciate you so therefor I appreciate the gift you gave me